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Writing High-Quality Content for SEO & Conversions


Writing is mostly thinking, and thinking is hard. To write well, you have to do a lot of thinking about your reader and about your topic. No matter if your end goal is to bring traffic on-site for awareness or you want to bring it for conversions, your content has to be better than others.

This quick guide for writing high-quality content takes you through this process in five steps.

  1. Examine your reader — Get to know them beyond their marketing persona, like you would a friend’s personality and nuances.
  2. Explain your topic simply — Understand what you’re writing about well enough so that you can explain it to a young person.
  3. Engage your reader — Use an angle, title, and hook they can’t ignore and the kind of writing they crave.
  4. Engineer a logical structure — Guide your reader from the first sentence to the last, increasingly convincing them of your thesis.
  5. Earn your reader’s trust — Write with authority from a place of knowledge, even when sharing the knowledge of an expert.

Just take care of these 5E's while writing compelling, logical, and trustworthy content and your content would not just user-friendly but search engine friendly as well.