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Why we Are Abandoning our Facebook Group


Staff member

We are shifting focus away from our FB Group to our forum & fb page here is Why... DATA & TIME.

For over 5 years the team at Powerhouse Affiliate has been managing a Facebook group in addition to our private forum. We recently decided to move ALL of our focus to our forum and kiss FB groups goodbye.

This decision (like most of our marketing decisions) was based on solid data.

The truth is Facebook doesn't care about groups. The reach of Facebook groups has dropped significantly year over year and the only people who actually see our posts are people who are usually already active in our forum or spammers.

The FB algorithm doesn't distribute our content to new people very long unless they actively like or share repeatedly.

Last month we spent 30 hours managing new FB group member requests and we posted new content regularly. But looking at our results of just referals back to our links we got about 70 new visitors.

So we think spending those 30 hours creating new forum content, upgrading our training, and answering people via our new live chat through our forum is a much better way to serve our comnmunity.

While FB groups used to be a great way to engcourage comradery, share information quickly, and keep our business in the minds of people, the fact of the matter is data proves otherwise.

If you want to keep recieving updates on Facebook then I highly encourage you to like our page because we will continue to do all of our updates on our Facebook page now. Go here to like it >> https://www.facebook.com/powerhouseaffiliate