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What Your Emails are landing into Promotional Folder rather than the main Inbox?


Staff member
We all have been facing this a lot and losing potential revenue. A lot of stuff is involved here as to why your emails are landing into Promotional tab of Gmail and other into main inbox. Main factors to worry about are:

A) Domain reputation: The more engagement your emails receive, the better the reputation. You can check your domain reputation in Google Postmaster.

B) HTML: Gmail, as well as other email services, see heavy-HTML messages as promotional. Plus, a heavy HTML code email might cause your email to be clipped. And Gmail doesn’t like that.

C) The content of the email: Unfortunately, there isn’t a defined line between what is considered promotional and what is not. Email services compare strings of your content to other emails that get sent to understand if your message is bad or not. The only way to understand it is testing.

The two main variables you can control here are your domain reputation and your content.

1) Improving your reputation:
This is all about engagement. The more engagement your emails get, the more inboxes you’ll hit. The main signals of engagement in order of importance are: Replies to your emails, whitelisting, clicks, opens.

Note: The more emails stay unopened, the lower your reputation will go. That’s why it’s essential to segment your list and unsubscribe inactive users.

2) Content:
Content can make or break your deliverability. And it’s the hardest part.

This is all about avoiding promotional words, sentences, CTAs, and so on. This could require a whole day to explain, but the best answer is to test it.


Premium Member
Awesome breakdown! I didn't know about Google Postmaster, used it to check my domain and everything looked great for me (I have a small list of >10k)

This part reminder me of a section I use in my indoctrination email that I think has been working well for me
The main signals of engagement in order of importance are: Replies to your emails, whitelisting, clicks, opens.

The first email is the lead magnet delivery, then I send another indoctrination email 15 minutes later with this as the last section (it's preceded by an avatar intro and links to some best content).

My lead magnet delivery emails get around 66% open rate and 50% CTR, then the indoctrination email gets a 38% open rate and 14% CTR. Plus, I do get people who reply (less than 1%).

Just my 2 cents learned from building my tiny but healthy list & domain rep :)