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Tracking Questions


I think in their version of URL, you can place the parameters that you can easily identify, and then can use that URL in CPV lab. You will get a different URL from CPV lab then.


Premium Member
If you are on a network that uses Cake you need to put &s2= at the end of your offer links. If it's not cake then &s1=should be fine.

As for question 2 you can put whatever you want in source or put nothing. As for ymid looks like a transaction id of so.e sort but not really necessary by the looks of it.


Staff member
How can I know if they use Cake? I'm new and not familiar with as many networks. Is there a list of networks that use Cake?
This is what Cake looks like so if you login and it looks like this it is Cake.


If you are not on cake then ?s1= would likely be fine. For some reason Cake does not like a lot of data passed into s1 and your tracking eventually fails.