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TOFU - Attract Them Before Selling Something


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TOFU might sound like a Japanese food, but it’s certainly not food for today sharing!
This Tofu concept helps businesses to expand brand visibility and hit the target market.

The word TOFU is derived from the phrase Top of Funnel. It refers to a stage where a large pool of people who have a problem and are looking for more information with your recommended solutions.

TOFU content should be created with educational value instead of plainly hard-selling. The buyer at this point do not have the intentions of buying yet, but they are still in the process of knowing the problem. Thus, it would be best to keep feeding them facts and valuable information instead of slapping them with your product.

{IDEAS to consider for the best of your TOFU content type}

>> Blog posts

Blogs are educational channels where you may share valuable knowledge or insight. It would open chances of engagement and interactions in the future when they seem interested.

>> Social media posts

Always keep the quality of your contents high on LinkedIn, Telegram, Facebook and across all the platforms where target leads visits. Lookout for their channels and drive your potentials to the same path. A good impression in your social platforms will bring them through the funnel.

>> Videos

Videos have always gained much more engagements than a combination of texts and photos. People are more amuse of watching and listening than plainly reading.

Construct an interesting title, description and keywords, that allow people to reach you by indicating a link routing the audience to your websites and other platforms.

>> eBooks

An ebook content campaigning will also boost a good impression because they can see that you've literally written the book on the subject and this will help establish and solidify your status as an authority in your industry. If you want people to believe that you are excellent at something, published your ebook and accomplishments to gain their trust.

You may consider to include a link of your landing page so that the audiences will be able to reach across your channels.

Always be mindful to the goal which is mainly to educate instead of selling. A TOFU Content that has substance and value, are more likely to gain interested customers. In totality, it will elevate them to the middle of the funnel (MOFU) and bottom of the funnel (BOFU), and finally convert and buy the product.