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Protect from Account ban - Google Ads (Facebook Ads)


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I want to ask you how to protect Google Ads account or Facebook Ads acccount not to be banned when promoting Affiliate offers ? I read and watch some stuff from @joeybabbs but I dont understand some things.

1. For example: Joey put under landing page buttons affilaite links - but that is against Google compliance , and probably they will ban account , I dont understand why to put under landing pages links our affiliate links, if they Google or FB will bans us ?
2. Where can I find all stuff how to be fully compliant and not to be banned by Google or Facebook while promoting affiliate offers ? @joeybabbs or @zoe @zoe1 if you could help me I will appreciate it beause I dont want to loose Google Ads accounts ?
3. I saw that Joey also is using Multilogin - for what purpose ? I used that tool but why its neccessary to use it nowdays ?


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Hi question 1 I dont understand...

Question 2 the only place to find out how t be fully compliant on these traffic sources is on the traffic sources themselves. In other words read their policies and if there is a specific policy that is confusing feel free to ask about it specifically.

Question 3 Multi login is used if you are running multiple accounts and want to try and bypass systems.....