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PPC: Google to Stop Serving Ads on the basis of User's Search History


Staff member
Shorter Version: Google has decided not to display ads on the basis of a user's search history and have adapted a new set of standard called FLoC.

Longer Version: Once third-party cookies are phased out, Google said that they will not build or use alternate identifiers to track users across the web. It also reiterated that its web products will be driven by the Federated Learning of Cohorts (FLoC) API, which groups people with similar interests into cohorts so that advertisers can still serve relevant ads while providing a degree of individual privacy.

FLoC has the potential to make attribution and cross-channel data even harder for search marketers, though. FLoC is Chrome-based and therefore won’t be a part of a multi-channel advertising ecosystem. It also brings into question for consumers–if Google’s AI and ML are distributing customers into FLoC cohorts, will the individual data be available to Google?

For larger brands, this situation makes a compelling case for gathering first-party data, through email signups, CRM data, rewards programs, etc., which can be used to learn more about their customers or retarget them.