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People are now searching for Christmas Gifts - here is proof


Staff member
So I started running ads for ecommerce offers on search and I do not have the word 'christmas' in any of my targetted KWs but I am running broad.

As you can see a lot of the search terms are containing the word Christmas - so now is the time!

It is likely no surprise to most of you.... but just wanted to re-enforce the idea that Q4 is the time for Ecommerce....



Premium Member
Very much appreciated!

Which affiliate network do you recommend for such ecommerce offers?
And does Powerhouse affiliate help with the approval on affiliate network if someone is a newbie?


Staff member
There are a few networks like performcb, a4d, maxbounty.com, dfo, giddyup....or just ask in a fb group you will have 20-30 networks respond...

Powerhouse Affiliate has no ability to help you get into any cpa network. But we do offer training about getting approved and increasing your chances. It's in the performance marketing course.

Listicle tracking is done with any 3rd party affiliate tracker. It is set up as a multiple option campaign.