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Optmizepress Shared Landing Page Question


Premium Member
Not sure where this question concerning Optimizepress would go but this seems as good a place as any.

I have the shared listicle template on my site and i added my affiliate link to the buttons so I can start driving traffic. The page would not let me publish it though. It goes to a 404 page and won't let me publish it.

Does this have something to do with it being a shared template maybe. I tried to make other pages and they were published just fine. So I'm wondering if its because its a shared template.

Any thought? Thanks guys


Staff member
That's strange indeed. I have shared templates between multiple of my own websites and never have 404 issue.

In your Optimizepress dashboard there is a way to see if your server meets all requirements. If it doesn't then this could be the issue.

Otherwise I would ask OP support.