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augustine okafor

Premium Member
Hi guys, i have another important question that i need help. How can i subscribe for a 1 month package in optimizepress? I tried to sign up but its indicating that i have to pay for a full 1 year $199 which is too much for startes lke us. I can afford the monthly pay of $17 please i need a help on this.

augustine okafor

Premium Member
Thank you el.magico. I tried to pay for $30 monthly but its not letting me to do that. It is showing me quarterly payment of $90 which i cant afford now because i know i still have other payment to make as am going further in other courses. What should i do in this aspect.


New member
Yes I see they don't have a monthly option anymore,
Either You pay $199 a year, Or $90 quarterly (every 3 months),
If you are short on money the best thing you can do is apply to their affiliate program,
When your application got accepted sign up through your affiliate link, that way you'll get 30% of your money back,
So if you signed up to the quarterly option you'll pay $90, but you'll get back $27 as an affiliate.
Make sure you don't use the same personal information while signing up as a customer & as an affiliate.
Or else you can use the free version of Elementor, You can edit any webpage on your website with Elementor, A small search on YouTube ad you'll find tons of tutorials about it.