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Joining a CPA Network


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I've gone through lesson 2 in the performance marketer course. I don't have any social media, so I don't know about my chances of getting into something like MaxBounty.

In the video lesson, it was mentioned that Vault Media accepts Powerhouse members. When I go to the Vault Media site and click login, it takes me to a blank page that says "Bad Request". How do I apply for the network?


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Actually, I did an interview today using the Powerhouse Affiliate link:

They accepted me. The rep from Maxbounty (Ryan) was very friendly and helpful.
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Great advice Joey. After I find a product to promote and send them my application, I'll give them a call. 👍

That's good to hear shigeki. Now we know for sure it's possible.

After going on Max Bounty and seeing what they look for in an application, I didn't see anything about requiring a facebook account. It seems it's more of an added bonus that was recommended to us to further increase our chances.