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How To Revive A ‘Dead’ 10k Email List


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Hey everyone!

I recently rediscovered about 10k email addresses I had in CSV exports from Aweber. They are legit but old emails, and I’m looking for ideas on how to monetize the list.

A bit more background to give you some context. The emails were generated in 2015. They were collected from a vaping/ecig blog via lead magnets generated from 100% organic google traffic. They haven’t been emailed from me in over 5 years. The domain that was used to collect the leads and send the emails to the list originally is still online and active, and I could create a new email address from that domain to use when mailing the list.

I no longer have the Aweber account I used back then, so I’ll be looking to add them to my GetResponse account (currently has about 3500 emails). I’m also thinking I might find some value using the emails to create customer match/remarketing list as well?

If anyone has any specific tactics or strategies to revive a dead ass list like this I’d love to hear it, as well as any other creative uses to try and monetize the list (like remarketing). I’m reading some people re-introduce themselves and address the long absence, others just start emailing like nothing happened. My gut tells me I need to deliver insane value in the first email to stand a chance medium-long term.

I really have no idea what or how to send to these emails that would prove effective. I’m all ears for suggestions!


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I would definitely start with strong value, and maybe a brief intro again. You will want to start with freebies and great content till you see how many people actually open it. If you start with a promo you will get a ton of spam complaints and might not even make it to inbox.

I guess it depends on how you plan to monetize that list. If you plan to get people to a blog then it is easy to just send them there and monetize the blog.

If you plan to sell products from the emails I would spend a week or 2 first with no selling just to measure the actual responses and clicks to legit content. Clean out the unsubs and complainers. Then start the promos.
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Fuck yea, thank you for the insight Joey!