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Have you had success selling or using PLR products? Please post your experience


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Hey all
I found some higher quality PLR (private label rights) videos, articles and even books.

One obvious use could be putting free downloads on my bridge page, building a list as I create value for my visitors.
But how about selling a quality ebook at a low price ($3-9). The benefits are several, as far as I see it:
- people tend to value more highly something that they paid for, even a dollar or two, than they value a freebie
- it automatically weeds out people without a credit card or Paypal account, so the traffic I push through is more qualified

The niches I'm thinking about here are diet, gardening and self improvement.


Yes, used to do it back in 2008-9 on digitalpoint forums. It was good back then until Google AdSense started a crack down on such articles.