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Facebook ads are about to Change Forever (even after iOS14.5 thing)


Staff member
FB ads are getting sh!tt!er day by day, and now they are about to change or get messed up forever.

It’s been spray and pray since iOS 14.5 and now getting even worse

Many of my ads have turned to dust this week.

No matter what audience you would select, FB would do whatever they want to do with your ads and money.



Premium Member
Hi - I have had really good success on FB ads lately. I only do the following - 1 ad account =same domain, same offer, same pixel - 1 campaign, 6 adsets (1 interest, 1 broad, 4 custom audience) . I am getting more than 2 x ROI . I do use CPV Labs though and I think for some reason they have some edge there because I have had some good success with getting my data to sync and of course I can scale quicker. My biggest grossing adset was broad. I will post here if things move differently for sure. Good to share stuff like this