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EXIT PLAN? $500,000 for Niche Site (33x monthly Profit)


Staff member
This site recently sold on Flipa for $500,000 which begs the question - What is your exit plan?

FelonsHub.com >> https://flippa.com/10743788-advertising-business?buy_sell=stacked

Of course our first plan is usually to build a site that actally makes money - but in the back of your mind do you also think about the exit strategy? In our training we speak of the 25-50x multiple of monthly profit and this example is a perfect example.

From time to time I like to browse Flippa just for fun to see whats available, and it's actually a great place to find ideas and inspire new ideas...

Has anyone here ever bought or sold on Flippa?

I have sold but never bought....


Premium Member
That was a nice sale, eh? The takeaway is how much money people are making in all these non-sexy niches. Beginners see everybody doubling down on nutra, gambling and fitness.....but there are whole universes of people out there with real needs for solutions.

I've been looking at Flippa recently as a buyer-- trying to decide if it's worth the $$ to buy an existing site with traffic, but needs lots of obvious improvement. My budget is vastly smaller, so I'm talking about a little site that someone ran as a passion, a hobby and didnt know much about using it to make money. I tried selling bare domains on Flippa, but their share after all the costly add-ons dont make it worthwile, at least at the dollar value I would have been selling at. Keep us posted if you buy anything -- a "fixer upper" would make a great case study too, no?


Staff member
Yes! also one of my best niches that has lasted forever on paid ads (knock on wood) has been one of those obscure niches that isnt mainstream. While it's not massive scale, it is great because most people wouldn't be nother to copycat it....