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Emails and Godaddy


Premium Member
Hope all's well?

All my domains and email accounts are with Godaddy. Godaddy are moving emails to Microsoft 365 and Outlook. I dislike (was gonna say hate) Microsoft especially Outlook.

Was wondering which email host would be best to switch to, for example Joey seems to favour Bluehost, and would it be easy to switch all my domain email accounts. I have quite a few.

Also I have all my Godaddy emails sourced to my desktop so I don't have to keep going into Godaddy to see them. If Bluehost is recommended, can I do the same with them?



Staff member
I actually use Gmail for my main email. I only manage 1 email. Any website admin emails all get forwarded into a cpanel service like horde. The only exception is if I want to recieve those emails to my main account then I set up forwarding on Cpanel.