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CPA or Affiliate Marketing for Newbie?


Premium Member
HI Guys,

I'm new here and wanted to get some advice - which do you think is easier to get started with CPA or Affiliate Marketing?? I know they are similar but looking at the training it looks like I would have to build an Authority site for Affiliate Marketing [please correct me if I'm wrong]. I'm thinking CPA would be easier to start with, any advice would be appreciated!

Many Thanks


Staff member
Neither is Easy. CPA is not really "affiliate marketing" if that makes sense. It is a type of commission structure. "cost per acquisition or cost per action"...

Affiliate marketing is the process of marketing other people's stuff...

You can get paid on CPA, rev share, CPI, CPL etc....

The question you are probably asking is Whether you do an authority site or go with paid traffic. If you choose paid traffic that is where CPA, Cost per install (CPI), or Cost per lead (CPL) offers work well since they typically do not need the customer to shell out a credit card.

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