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Cold List Question


Expired Membership
Hey Powerhouses.

I was given a large list (75,000+) of Shopify and Magneto e-commerce store owners.

I've been hesitant to mail the list because none of the people opted in. They opted into the person who gave me the lists, list. I have identified a couple offers that would be good for this list. Am I taking a big risk by emailing them? Most (90%+) of the names are US based, some are in Canada and Europe.


Premium Member
Well aside from it being illegal i guess there is no other risk :0

Hypothetically if it was me....i would use a server that cannot be tracked, and probably used a nulled version of some mass mailing software, and hide my identity as much as i could...before I started blasting this list...but thats just me.


Premium Member
the chances of you getting probed and investigated with that small of a list are pretty much NIL