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Buy Now Pay Later -- What does this mean for Affiliate Marketing?


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I'm sure we've all seen the increase in the Buy Now Pay Later market (Afterpay, Klarna, Affirm). Essentially, this is the e-commerce layover pay. Consumers can now split their payments into 4, paying a quarter every 2 weeks.

Does this affect affiliates?
Not as you'd think!

BNPL encourages consumers to purchase. Shopping now comes with ease as they don't need to pay the full price right away, which could mean increased conversion rates, frequent customer returns, and incentives.

I haven't seen much regarding how it would affect affiliate payouts, so it's safe to assume that it doesn't.


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By paying a quarter, I absolutely meant a fourth of the total payment. Paying $0.25 every 2 weeks would lock you into lifelong debt