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Bing FINALLY introduces Lookalike Audiences


Lookalike audiences have been a huge success when it comes to Facebook and Google, and all this time it was missing from Bing / Microsoft Ads. But, in bing's latest post, they have a piece of good news for marketers. They have just announced the launch of "Similar Audiences" in the US.

Here are some updates from Bing's latest update on features.

1) Why to Try?:
Ads shown to Similar Audiences have a 39 percent higher conversion rate than ads shown to non-audience targeted users, according to Microsoft.

2) Criteria: To get started with Similar Audiences, you must have a remarketing list of at least 300 people.

3) Expanding the Audience network: Microsoft said that France and Germany will join its Audience network.

4) Import everything: Microsoft has also made it easier to import your campaigns from Facebook and Google. It appears that the overall goal is for you to be able to easily import everything you have from these two platforms and get started right away without any setup.

5) Shopify: These days, everyone loves Shopify users. Google announced some cool Shopify integrations last week, and now Microsoft has announced a Shopify app that allows merchants to easily set up shopping campaigns.

Pretty good to know Bing is getting better day by day. They surprise every time when you think of them as dead, lol.


Premium Member
So does this mean we could place a Bing pixel on sites that run on other traffic sources (like native) then retarget through Microsoft's platform?