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Bid Strategies On MGID


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@joeybabbs I'm totally confused as to how best to bid on MGID. I've just started over there so I'm completely new. I've gone back and forth with my rep over there and I'm still as confused as ever.

After setting up a campaign and choosing all the targeting, you move onto creating the ads and setting the CPC. In MGID only one ad can be created at a time and you set the CPC per ad. The thing is the CPC changes every single time you create a new ad. Even if the image and headline is the same or slight variation. All the targeting has already been set for the campaign so why would the suggested CPC change for each ad? It makes no sense.

With Facebook the suggested CPC changes due to the targeting options. And not by the creatives of the ad you set up.

I've had the "suggested bid" (I put this in quotes because I don't think it is a suggestion) go from 4c up to 8c and that's just with changing the headline while the image stays the same.

So how do we know what initial bid to set up when starting a campaign? There must be some type of strategy.


Staff member
Unfortunately there is not an easy answer for it.

Suggesterd bid has always been one of those metrics I ignored on most traffic sources I have ran on unless it is search ads after I have already ran traffic.

For example, if my ads are not getting impressions on Google search it tells me I am not on page 1, and tells me the exact bid to get page 1.

That is pretty much the ONLY time I rely on suggested bids from traffic sources.

Now with that being said, CPC obviously varies on many factors like country, niche, traffic source, targeting....list goes on.

On native I will usually rely on my ad reps to tell me what is the best range. 90% of the time they are on the high end of the bid range so if they say you should be at $0.65 cents Ill start there. For native the higher bids will usually get you better placements.

But this also opens up other issues where you might be over bidding on crappy placements. This is why native is challenging without having access to an ad rep who can make sure you don't have a ton of crap placements, or a platform that allows you to target granularly.