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Best Way To Promote This Type Of Ads

augustine okafor

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Hi guys i have just finished setting up my first CPA landing page connected to a domain. Can someone advice me on the best possible way to promote this type of offer. here s the link www.businesstipsmarketing.com. Please i need your suggestions. I am using a website simpletraffic.com to promote the page and have sent upto 1000 visitors to the page since yesterday but n clicks yet. Do i need to change the landing page style? I want to also try out solo ads too on the page. Please help!


This is a pretty simple page, a pretty good effort though. I suggest adding more content to it. People need to be convinced with social proof, content, images, testimonials. Do focus on these elements too.


New member
I agree with Zoe you need to add more content to your landing page. I suggest you spy on other peoples landing pages so you can get ideas.

Also a very good traffic source for make money online products are udimi solo ads, it is also very beginner friendly.


Staff member
I agree with Abdulla - this would be best for solo ads. Any mainstream traffic source you risk getting flagged especially if it's your first campaign.

If you are more informative and have a more convincing landing page push or native may also work.

If you make absolutely no claims on how much money you can make and provide real good content Bing ads might be worth a shot - but they can be strict on this stuff.