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Job Position Affiliate Marketer - SEO, Content Creation and Product Research


Staff member
We recently posted a job on Upwork for someone to assist in developing a new website project and figured who better to ask than a large group of affiliates!

So here is the deal. Let's start with one project.

We have created a decent list of emails in a particular topic "romance".

Now we need to create some optimized content for these people in an effort to monetize the list further.

IMPORTANT: This is NOT a job where I "take someone under my wing" and train them. We are looking for someone with extensive experience in writing, SEO and affiliate marketing.

If this is not you then please disregard this, or share it with someone who might be interested thanks.


This job requires you to write SEO optimized articles that link to Amazon Affiliate products or Clickbank products. These product would be appealing to people in a relationship or interested in romance topics in general. This can include product comparisons, lists of great romance books, advice to improve relationships, etc...(creativity is key)

You must have skills in SEO, Keyword Research, Wordpress, and Affiliate marketing.

Task 1

Your first task will be to research and define KWs that will be the main focus of your first batch of content. (start with 5)

Task 2

Next you will research Amazon/Clickbank and provide a list of suitable affiliate products to use in those articles.

Task 3

Next you will define the 5 titles that you wish to write about.

(Again these can be articles about romance, that could include a link to a product(s) for more information, product reviews, comparisons or lists...ect)

Finally you will write a 1000 word or more article for each approved title, and include images and SEO optimized content linking to the affiliate products.

Skills required:
100% fluent in English
KW research
Affiliate marketing

If you are successful in your first 5 articles this can become a full time job and could include future affiliate projects.

IMPORTANT: When responding please answer the following questions.

To apply email us at [email protected] or PM Me.

1. Please provide an example of a website(s) or pieces of content you have previously written or developed.

2. Roughly How long would it take you to research 5 suitable KWs for SEO in the romance niche? (What tools would you use)

3. Roughly How long would it take you to research affiliate products for those 5 KWs.

4. Roughly How long would it take you to publish a 1000 word SEO optimized article linking to the affiliate products?

5. Would you rather be paid hourly, or a percentage of revenue from our email marketing? Current list size is 25,000 emails. (if hourly, what is your hourly rate.)

6. Please describe your experience and history.

Thank you! Please follow instructions in this email as it is relly the first test in knowing if we have the right person.

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