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A Very CLEVER Trick to Build Massive Lists in All Your Campaigns....


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Today I want to share a method I have used for years to build large lists in pretty much all my direct marketing campaigns...It involves altering your links so that when people click your landing page they go directly to the offer you are promoting however they also get a pop under or "new window" which can advertise anything else you want. In my case I always link it to a opt in page with a freebie in that same niche. I actually was part of a WSO launch on this method using a Bing campaign on years ago and sold thousands of copies...it still works and it's something you should DEFINITELY be trying. In a way its actually FREE traffic even though it comes from your paid traffic campaigns. Cause really this is extra traffic that happens only after they have gone through your page and clicked the CPA offer or affiliate offer you are promoting.

So here it is. You simply use this coding on your pages for all your links:

<a href="http://link_to_squeeze_page.com-this_is_popunder" onclick="window .open('http://this_is-the_link_to_the_original_offer_you_promote.com','n ewwin');">CLICK HERE TO GO TO THE OFFER!</a>

Try it you will be amazed.


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This definitely works...but I would warn that some traffic sources don't allow it. Like Google adwords maybe bing now also...but I think bing is lenient towards it...likely wont be a ban....