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A Microsoft Ads Mistake - My Bad....


Staff member
So a few weeks ago I mentioned I started running more ads on syndicated partners but today I just realized a potential problem in one of my campaigns...


My payout on this offer is $40 CPA.

As you can see the syndicated partners is almost double in cost per acquisition. My mistake here is I didn't seperate the campaigns.

So although the syndicated partners is still profitable its almost impossible for me to dig down and optimize it because every change I make is going to f*ck up the Bing and Yahoo search ads.

So I think my only option here is to pause Syndicated partners in this cmapaign and then duplicate the campaign and target only syndicated in the new one.

Moral of the story?

Well there's 2.

- Seperate your search campaigns based on country, devices and networks.

- No matter how much experience we have, we all will continue to make mistakes. :)


Staff member
UPDATE - after putting search partners into a new campaign and optimizing it only for search partners I was able to improve the performance and not affect my original "Bing Only" ads.

As you can see now the CPA for search partners has improved drastically.