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5 Tips and Tricks for Smartly Running FB ads


If you’ve ever run Facebook ads, you know how time-consuming it can be - especially for beginners.
Here are 5 Tips and Tricks for running FB ads that I still use to this day:

1) Got multiple creatives to launch?
Upload them in the media library first.
You don’t want to upload them one by one as you create your ads.
  • Go to Business Tools
  • Click Media Library
  • Click the ad account
  • Upload all your creatives at once
  • Go back & launch your ads

2) Want to edit the naming convention of multiple campaigns, ad sets, or ads?
  • Select the campaign, ad sets, or ads that you want to edit
  • Click the drop-down icon beside Edit
  • Click “Find and Replace”
  • Replace the portion you want to edit with the edited text

3) Want to keep the social proof (likes, comments, shares) of your ad when using it for another campaign/ad set?
Use the post ID of the ad instead of recreating it.
  • Click edit on the ad you want to recreate
  • Click “Facebook post with comment”

That'll open up a new tab to show you the ad's URL
  • Copy the set of numbers at the end of the post URL - this is your post ID
  • Create an ad & click "Use Existing Post"
  • Then paste it into the “Enter Post ID” field
You'll see the exact same ad appear along with all social proof

4) When to use the “Search and Filter” box at the top of the ads manager?
  • To search for a specific campaign/ad set/ad
  • To filter your selection
  • To see your saved searches
And many more. If you want to find something specific in your ads manager, use this tool.

5) Going handy with audiences
If you want to create lookalike audiences that target the countries: “US, UK, CA, AU, and NZ” but they take so much time to create.

Here’s what you can do to speed up the process:
Copy & paste "United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, New Zealand" in the "Select Audience Location" text box. It will automatically appear in the selection.

Note: this process works for interest-based audiences as well. If you want to stack interests, you can copy & paste the set of interest audiences you have and just separate them by a “comma.”

For example:
If you have the audiences: “Cat lovers, Dog loves, Litter box, Pets, Cats, Dogs” and you want to list them all down in one go, then just copy & paste that in the interest box.

I hope these quick tips helped you in some way.