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5 Email Marketing Mistakes you should avoid


With a lots of stuff going on with cookies and privacy, it is becoming clear that future is all about content marketing & email marketing. So it is high time to focus on content and email both. As a part of our Email Marketing Tips series in this sub-forum, I am going to add some tips coming from our friend Chase Diamond.

In a short tweet, he shares rather 10 things that one must avoid.

1. Overly generic subject line​
2. Boring preview text​
3. Too educational or too salesy​
4. Too many CTA’s​
5. Confusing language​
6. No personality​
7. No compelling story​
8. No benefit​
9. No humor​
10. Doesn't trigger emotion​

In an extended version, it is explained to an understandable length.

A) No personality in your email
Adding your personality – or your brand’s – to your messages is what separates you from the other three thousand companies emailing your prospect.

B) No compelling story
This point strengthens the previous one. Not only do stories allow you to communicate your personality, but they’re entertaining, spike emotions and allow you to build empathy with the reader. Pure, cold, emotionless content is boring.

C) Being too educational
Master the art of soft-teaching and soft-selling. Being too educational can bore your readers. Plus, revealing all your information leaves no space for curiosity. And curiosity is what can help you sell or make them take action.

D) Being too salesy
You want to be a welcome guest in your people’s inbox. You probably wouldn’t invite a pushy salesman into your house to have coffee. In the same way, people won’t read your emails if they know you’re going to sell something.

E) No humor
Try to always include something funny in your content. You don’t need to be Kevin Hart to do this. Just be lighthearted and don’t take yourself too seriously. Try taking a common problem or pain point in your niche, and turning it into a joke. Don’t be like Zuck in a Congress hearing – be like Elon on the Joe Rogan podcast.

Try to resonate with your audience using the above tips.