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11 Do's and Dont's of Cold Email Marketing



If you are into Affiliate Marketing, chances are that you might have heard or considered Cold Email Marketing as well. If you have just started exploring Cold Email Marketing, this post is a gold nugget for you. Here are some super quick tips to keep in mind.​


  1. Keep it short. You can’t write a 5 paragraph essay, no matter how good you think your copy is. Attention spans are short. You have about 5-10 seconds to convince someone that they should respond to you. Keep all of your emails to 2-3 sentences long.
  2. Keep it friendly. Position yourself as a person who genuinely wants to help their business. Don’t let your ego get in the way. No one wins an email battle.
  3. Ask questions. No one responds to an email unless something is needed from them. Use questions to engage with them in a conversation. In our email templates, I suggest asking at least one question in every email we send.
  4. Personalize. Use words and phrases that speak exclusively to the business owner.
  5. Signature. Sign off with your real first name (with no links). By having a short signature, you aren’t drawing attention away from the main message.
  6. Automate. Finding local businesses, writing individual emails, and sending 1 by 1 is exhausting (trust me).


  1. Images or attachments. Of any kind. This includes your pictures of your awesome face, case studies, proposals, samples, screenshots, etc. Machines will detect images and attachments in mass quantities and send it directly to spam. Save those special attachments for AFTER cold email when you’ve already had a real conversation with them.
  2. Links. Of any kind. Machines (and people) always see links in a cold email as spam. The purpose of a cold email isn’t to drive traffic to your website, sales page, or LinkedIn page, it’s to get them on the phone.
  3. Salesy language. Don’t use any words in your email that look or sound pushy, manipulative, cheap, far-fetched, or shady. If you need any of those things for your offer to be perceived as valuable, a cold email can’t fix your problem.
  4. Fake a reply with re: or fwd:
  5. Lengthy signature. Don’t use your formal default signature. Remember, no links or attachments. Just have a friendly sign-off with just your name.