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10 Tools to Find Trending Topics and Products for Your Blogs / Aff Sites


Staff member
Regardless of the industry you are into, you can use these 12 tools for finding trending topics to design your SEO and content marketing campaigns.

1) Google Trends - You already know it. But this tool has evolved over the years and now showcases tons of more aspects about the viral content.
2) Exploding Topics - Useful for entrepreneurs, investors, or those looking to identify trending business ideas, categories, or companies.
3) SparkToro - This is industry specific. You will get to explore latest trending marketing, SEO, and technology topics.
4) FrontPageMetrics - Reddit is powerful and so is user-generated content & topics. This tool is useful for identifying which subreddits are seeing the most daily, weekly, and monthly growth.
5) PodcastNotes - Solves the problem of identifying the key takeaways of individual podcasts in a quick newsletter format.
6) BuzzSumo - It helps you identify viral content across social channels and has moved into additional areas of content discovery that span across video and Q&A websites, as well.
7) Trends.co - Offers a thorough but easy-to-digest format for understanding new topics across industries.
8) ProductHunt Topics - Surfaces the latest new (mostly digital) products across industries, and anyone can submit their product.
9) Trendwatchers - Allows you to follow trends based on a category or keyword.
10) Trendhunter - A media brand that offers free trend data (in the form of articles) and also has several other offerings including custom research, books, public speaking services, events, and more.